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Amb l'objectiu de dotar de major publicitat i transparència la contractació municipal, i d'acord amb l'article 53 del Reial decret legislatiu 3/2011, de 14 de novembre, pel qual s'aprova el text refós de la Llei de contractes del sector públic, s'introdueix aquesta secció on es facilita l'accés a la informació necessària relativa a qualsevol licitació de l'Ajuntament, inclosos plecs de clàusules administratives particulars i de prescripcions tècniques, terminis de presentació d'ofertes, relació de contractes en fase de licitació o adjudicats.

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La Secció de Contractació de l'Ajuntament de Palma publica totes les licitacions públiques a la Plataforma de Contractació del Sector Públic de forma directa.

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Accessibility beaches

Accesibilitat Platges

Service accessibility to the beaches of Palma

Since the year 2004, the Town Council of Palma has been developing a project that gives disabled people the chance to enjoy a day at the beach. The Town Council has developed this project in collaboration with the General Office responsible for Social Services of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Coastal Delimitation Department.

Service accessibility to the beaches of Palma, which has a thematic distinction in removing physical barriers and care for people with disabilities ADEAC (2005), and currently certified by AENOR, will be completed always from Monday to Sunday with the following schedule:

1 to June 15 with 11:00 to 18: 00h.
From 16 June until 15 September, from 10:00 to 19: 00h.
From 16 to 30 September, from 11:00 to 18: 00h.

This service will be available on all beaches in the municipality

The areas giving disabled people access to Palma's beaches provide a certain infrastructure and offer special staff aimed to help disabled people access the beach and to meet their needs. The infrastructure is the following:

Reserved parking place
1 WC adapted to the needs of disabled people
1 changing room
1 shower
1 wooden pathway to access the beach
1 resting area with umbrellas
1 swimming area exclusive for disabled people
Additionally, every point of access to the beach offers, at least, the following:

1 amphibious chair
1 pair of crutches adapted to disabled people
2 life vests
1 wheelchair adapted to disabled people

This service is specially targeted to:

  • Groups of people having a physical disability, a psychological disability and/or a sensory disability who visit Palma's beaches within the hours detailed above and who need support from the specialised staff and from the infrastructure provided by the service in order to enjoy their visit at the beach. 
  • Groups of people having a physical disability, a psychological disability and/or a sensory disability who need additional support when accessing the sea and swimming. In these cases, the lifeguard does not directly support the disabled person, but instead keeps constantly an eye during the visitor's stay in the sea.
  • Members of associations for people having a physical disability, a psychological disability and/or a sensory disability who visit the beach together with disabled people, who help disabled people during their swim and provide support during their complete stay at the beach.

Date of last modification: 3 of June, 2022

Plaça de Cort 1. 07001 Palma (Illes Balears)
Telephone: 971225900 - 630308226 · Atenció telefònica: 010